About Us

My name is Henry, a former Marine, I served in OIF-1 & 2. Where I learned adaptation, ‘can do’ attitude and superior leadership skills. After the Marines, I used those skills and worked in various industries, from: Medical to IT. By chance, I landed an IT career with one of the largest carpet and rug cleaning companies in Woodbridge Va and the surrounding Northern Virginia areas.

Why Neighborhood Carpet Cleaners of Woodbridge VA Began:

While performing my role, I was witnessing many foul play within that company: unethical, immoral practices and the “Ol’ Bait and Switch” to name a few. Customer service and technician training was not a common practice. It was seriously killing me inside hearing good customers complain OVER and Over and Over again. I observed certain skills that allowed me to start what is now Neighborhood Carpet Cleaners of Woodbridge VA.

What Sets Us Apart:

  • Perfected a cleaning process that is impeccable. Will OUT PERFORM my competitors.
  • Studied Competitors cleaning process and went notches above them.
  • With the use of Probiotics, we actually disinfect while cleaning
  • Trained by IICRC to achieve the HIGHEST standards ALL THE TIME
  • Vacuum before steam cleaning (you will won’t believe MOST companies DON’T)
  • Heavy duty machinery
  • Flat Rates- One price only (Full guarantee urine decontamination may be additional)
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY WE PUT OUR CUSTOMERS FIRST – Thus we have HIGH customer retention rate
Looking for a free estimate? Call us to set up an appointment at 703-570-6319.