Pet Odor Removal

Woodbridge VA and All Surrounding Areas

Woodbridge area homeowners who enjoy having pets as part of their family often notice unpleasant odors upon entering a room. This is usually caused by pet accidents, cat litter boxes, and pet dander that when left unattended cause the build-up of disagreeable odors in both carpeted surfaces and upholstery.

Are other cleaners using probiotics on your carpets? We Are.

Neighborhood Carpet Cleaners can provide your household with expert technicians who know how to rid your carpeting and upholstery from unwanted pet odors. Breathing in the ammonia and other pollutants associated with pet odors poses a health hazard to household residents, especially those with respiratory conditions as well as the elderly. The cleaning techniques we use in providing excellent pet odor removal services are environmentally friendly but also very effective at eliminating deep-down pet odors from upholstery and carpeting fibers. The result is a home that once again smells clean and fresh, without that stinky pet smell.

We save you time and energy by professionally removing pet odors from your carpeting and upholstery. Unlike room fresheners and sprays that temporarily mask odors, our expert cleaning methods get to the root of the problem in order to eliminate pet odors and the bacteria and harmful pathogens that can downgrade the quality of your lifestyle. We use only the most technologically advanced cleaning equipment in order to ensure that pet odors will be gone for good by the time our cleaning team departs.

Neighborhood Carpet Cleaners knows how important your pets are to your family, but their tell-tale odors can create big problems. Call us today to schedule an appointment to provide you with excellent pet odor removal services that make your house clean, fresh and healthy again.

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