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In-plant rug cleaning is often recommended for fine rugs as well as rugs with a loose woven. At Neighborhood Carpet Cleaners, we pride ourselves in providing excellent area rug cleaning services. We are experts in cleaning all kinds of area rugs, from the finest to the most basic area rugs. Whether you are cleaning your rugs to remove moisture, water, or pet urine, we can get it done promptly and excellently.

In addition, we also provide complete area rug repairs. Our qualified experts possess the skills and experience to repair loose woven in handmade rugs, be it domestic or international. We can restore damaged areas, repair edges, remove color run, re-weave holes, and more.

What’s more, our dedicated team can clean and repair all kinds of rugs including Silk Rugs, Tribal Rugs, Wool Rugs, Persian Rugs, Chinese Rugs, Indian Rugs, Oriental Rugs, Turkish Rugs, Pakistani Rugs, as well as machine-made area rugs. We can also completely remove water, moisture, pet urine, insect, allergens, and many more from your fine area rugs. We have the required tools and equipment to give your fine area rugs the professional, comprehensive cleaning they deserve.

Areas We Serve – Premier Area Rug Cleaning Services in Woodbridge, Virginia

For several years, we have been recognized to deliver exceptional area rug cleaning and repair services. We serve homes in Woodbridge, VA, Lake Ridge, VA, Dumfries, VA, Dale City, VA, Triangle, VA, Occoquan, VA, and other areas across Virginia. Our services are prompt, detailed, and highly professional.


Our Tested and Trusted Rug Cleaning Process

At Neighborhood Carpet Cleaners, we work with some of the best area rug cleaning experts. Our rug cleaning services are offered using state-of-the-art tools, advanced equipment, and innovative techniques. Our rug cleaning experts also make use of equipment like Tumble Duster Centrifuge Wringer, Purified Water Washtub, and so forth to give your area rugs a thorough cleaning.

Furthermore, we handle every area rug cleaning task with a high level of dedication and enthusiasm. We take your rug back to our facility to perfectly clean and wash the rug, using our tested and trusted techniques. We also inspect for loose woven, torn threads, and fibers. Our experts will help fix this appropriately. With this, we are able to achieve the best cleaning result for your fine area rugs.

Our rug cleaning process includes:

Free Pick Up and Pre-Inspection:

Our dedicated team will come to your home to pick up the rug. We will also pre-inspect the rug to determine the best way to clean it.

Dry Soil Removal:

Our expert team use state-of-the-art equipment and innovative techniques such as compressed air, pile lifter, and vacuum attachment, to remove dry soil, dirt, and dust from your rugs.


Depending on the fiber content, level of soil, and soiling type of the area rugs, our experts will pre-treat your fine area rugs to emulsify the dry soils.

Pre-Treatment and Odor Removal:

Furthermore, we will pre-treat stained areas and pet urine sites on your fine area rugs using green and eco-friendly cleaning solution. This will make it easier to remove difficult stains, spots, and pet urines completely.

Professional Rug Washing:

What’s more, we will submerge your area rugs into our cutting-edge water rug washtub to deep-clean the rugs thoroughly. The purified wash water in the washtub will effectively remove dry soil and odor. Above all, we do not use any abrasive brushes or mechanical devices to avoid damages. With this, you can be certain that your rugs will be in excellent condition upon return.

Centrifuge Rug-Wringer:

In addition, we flush our soil and contaminants completely using the most advanced techniques. Our centrifuge rug-wringer seamlessly combines centrifugal force, purified water irrigation, and effective chemistry to get the job done excellently. In less than three minutes, our centrifuge rug-wringer will remove up to 95% moisture from your rug.

Controlled Drying:

Our controlled drying technique involves making use of hanging racks, air circulation techniques, dehumidifying process, and heat to remove the remaining water, moisture, mold, and mildew from the rugs. This often takes place in our heated rug dry room. Once the rug is dry, our dedicated team will comb it using soft groomers.

Post-Cleaning Inspection:

This is the final stage of our rug cleaning process. Our lead rug cleaning expert will give your rug a final inspection to ensure that no single details are left out. Subsequently, your rug will be released for delivery or pick up.

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