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Tiles are durable, long-lasting and can make your home look fascinating and stunning. Unfortunately, these tiles and stones are not resistant to stains or dirt. Cleaning and scrubbing your tiles using hand can be stressful and time-consuming. At Neighborhood Carpet Cleaners, we provide detailed and professional tile and grout cleaning services. We are experts in cleaning tile and grout floors as well as other hard flooring and surfaces.

What’s more, we provide our professional tile and grout cleaning services at the most affordable and competitive prices. Our trusted experts can clean all kinds of floors including Ceramic, Marble, Terrazzo, Granite, Porcelain, Travertine, Concrete, and many more.

Also, our professional cleaners use high-end equipment and innovative cleaning techniques to clean hidden dirt and remove stubborn stains. We will also remove bacteria and allergens from your grout. Our tile and grout cleaning services are guaranteed to restore the gleam and luster of your tiles and floors.

Areas We Serve – Expert Tile and Grout Cleaning Services in Woodbridge, Virginia

Over the years, we have distinguished ourselves for providing attention-to-detail and unparalleled services. We are the go-to tile and grout cleaning expert for residents in Woodbridge, VA, Dumfries, VA, Triangle, VA, Lake Ridge, VA, Occoquan, VA, Dale City, VA Fairfax County VA, Prince William County  Arlington County VA, D.C.,

Our Detailed Tile and Grout Cleaning Process

Our dedicated experts at Neighborhood Carpet Cleaners handle every tile and grout cleaning task with a high level of dedication and enthusiasm. Our experts will inspect, clean, seal, and maintain your tiles and grout.

We dedicate every available resource at our disposal to carry out the cleaning task excellently and professionally. This way, we can restore and rejuvenate your tile and grout floors, thus, making it glossy and shiny. Our detailed tile and grout cleaning process includes:

State-Of-The-Art Equipment

Our professional tile and grout cleaning services are carried out using our state-of-the-art, high-pressure water, steam, and vacuum equipment. We combine this with innovative techniques and trusted, green cleaning solutions to clean your tile and grout floors thoroughly. You can always anticipate brilliant results that will leave you extremely satisfied.

100% Non-Toxic Cleaning Solution

Also, our trusted experts clean your tile and grout floors using 100% non-toxic cleaning agents. These cleaning solutions are certified green and eco-friendly. They are safe for your household and will completely remove dirt, bacteria, and allergens.

Here are the many steps for grout cleaning


Before cleaning your tile and grout floor, our professional cleaners will carry out pretests. This will help determine the type of tiles as well as the best and safest cleaning approach to use. We can work with all kinds of surfaces including marble floors, limestone, terrazzo, and many more.


Here, our experts will tape off the required area to be cleaned. This will help in protecting the adjacent surfaces. Pre-cleaning is also done to remove dry soil, dust, dirt, and material buildup. With this, deep cleaning will become relatively easier and more effective.

Deep Cleaning and Scrubbing

Deep cleaning is done to completely remove dirt, stubborn stains, and spots on your tile and grout floors. Our deep cleaning is performed using 100% non-toxic cleaning solution. Our experts will scrub your floor thoroughly without overlooking any slight details.

We will also scrub the grout between each tile to remove any dirt trapped in-between. Our deep cleaning is guaranteed to completely get rid of dirt buildup, dust, stains, and allergens without leaving any residue behind.

Sanitization and Deodorization

We also sanitize and deodorize using 100% non-toxic sanitizers and sweet-scenting deodorants. This helps to eliminate bacteria, allergens and neutralize bad odors completely. Your tile and grout floor will look cleaner and fresher.

Sealant Application

Applying a sealant helps in creating a protective barrier to your tile and grout floor. This will make cleaning spills easier before they soak in. Our experts will apply a finishing coat of tile sealant to protect your tiles and grout from spills and stains. The sealant will also prevent germs and make it easier to maintain your tile and grout floors.

Coloring and Polishing

We provide additional services like tile polishing, grout recoloring and so forth to restore the color and shine of your tiles and grout. With this, your tile and grout floor will look stunning and shimmering at every point in time.

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